September is a big month. Not only is it Mexican Independence day, but it’s also the world premiere of ‘Let It Go’, the second indie feature I was lucky enough to be a part of. The film will be premiering at the Portobello Film Festival in London on the 13th, NYC at the Anthology Film Archives on the 23rd and the Hollywood Media Center on the 24th.

You can find all the info here:

But instead of boring you with what the movie is about and why you should watch it (which you should (; ), I wanted to talk to you about my experience with the film.

I had first met Mr. Tom Wilton on Elsewhere, NY (read my previous post on that) where he acted as a producer. Months later, November last year to be precise, I met with Tom again. We had a coffee in Long Island City in a quiet yet charming café on a freezing New York day. We shot the shit for a while talking about what we were doing and bouncing around ideas to work together. Tom had already directed 2 films that year and he looked over to me and said “let’s make the third.”


Even though Tom told me he had no money, no full cast yet, and no finalized script, there was something about this that told me I had to be a part of it. So I immediately accepted. Two days later I had a script in my inbox. Two weeks later we were filming the beginning of what would be his third feature within a year.

Being on set for Let it Go was like going to a sort of liberal arts class. Everything was so light hearted and the creative process so open, we were allowed to suggest ideas, change lines a bit and literally just play. It felt like we were all kids having fun. Even in the heavy, a bit more emotional scenes, the feel was light. What eventually developed was a natural film, mirroring the natural environment that was created by all of us. Working alongside Maria McIndoo, who plays Frankie, my best friend in the film, was seamless. It felt sometimes as if I had known Maria for years when in fact we had just met a month before. Working with Gillian (who I worked with on Elsewhere, NY) Josh, and Julian was more familiar territory and yet so many different things were created and all of them ended up surprising me with the characters they brought to the table.


Tom created this world for us (being just the cast, acting as crew on takes we were not in) where it felt more like a fun project, rather than a professional film. And it was great. When you let go of worries and thoughts of money and doing shit right, you just do it. The result is life. Actual living, breathing, human beings going through a situation. And that is ‘Let It Go’ for me. Our characters living, going through goods and bads but always down to earth with reality. There is no Hollywood glow to this one, it’s even in black and white to carry the point across. There is no set genre, it can be both a comedy and drama as with most instances in life. It is what it is, not trying to be anything, and that makes me incredibly proud.

So if you’d like to check out this fun little experience please go to the screenings, and if you cannot, then get the digital download on the site for 5 bucks. You’ll get a bunch of shit in addition to the film as well. This is the first time my work will be showing to the world, so naturally I’m a bit nervous. But then again, after what I just told you, why should I be? With that, in the words of Tom Wilton, Rock and Roll.