…and I say this after a week of minimally turning up, but it’s a question that’s been floating in my mind after the last couple of weeks. Obviously, I’m only speaking from the perspective of the people I know and encounter, but there’s been a subtle shift in the air. People are getting busy, but it’s not in the way you think. It seems like the party folk I couldn’t catch sober last year are settling into the career life. It’s jarring because I’ve been having real, intense conversations with people I thought wouldn’t reach this point until they were like 30.

I want to say it’s because we’re getting older, but it seems like it’s more than that. The gatekeepers and the rules are changing so much that there’s literally only few things stopping you from doing anything you want, and even within those few things it’s mostly like you and your fears. When Jay-Z said #newrules, he wasn’t joking. The game is shifting like a motherfucker. People are discovering that they can potentially live the lives they’ve always imagined for themselves. It’s attainable.

This is not to say people aren’t turning up, I’m sure there’s people reading this who will turn up tonight, and there’s plenty to celebrate in this world. I’m just enjoying these conversations. I wonder exactly how many people have been feeling like this lately. Not even just on the career-side either. Plenty of marriages and baby-showers have been popping up on Facebook this year alone.

What do you think? Are we reaching a “worker-bee” era?