“Robocop” will be hitting theaters on February 7th, 2014. However some fans faithful to the original cult classic which was released in 1987, seem to be displeased with the remake. Some felt it wasn’t necessary to reboot the original film considering it’s monstrous success and iconic mark it’s left on action films.

The costume is a big topic of discussion. Many compare the slim black armor to Batman with a touch of Iron Man. Others praised the costume but had a hard time getting involved with his story. In the film, Alex Murphy played by newcomer Joel Kinnaman is injured due to a car bomb which was a very less graphic take compared to the original.  For those who don’t know, the original Alex Murphy was brutally shot and left for dead. By brutal I mean having his body parts shot off blow by blow with a shot gun. Yeah, it’s that bad.  Fans believe it’s easier to sympathize with that version because it was almost unbearable to watch and the emotions you feel hearing Alex screaming from the torture.  The new version of the car bomb scene many say is a” cop out” or just plain “weak”. However, we cannot forget this movie is getting a PG-13 rating which also caused a stir.  That means less violence and gore and more children running to watch it.

The question is will this make money?  Curiosity is a money maker. If you like the film or not, you still bought the ticket and the film makes money.  Like I mentioned above it’s getting a PG-13 rating which in general makes more than a Rated R movie would. There’s a strong possibility this will be a blockbuster. When it comes down to it, people will debate as if it’s their duty to protect their cult favorite from a reboot.  I do believe they will be running to see the movie, hate it and head to the Internet to rant about it.

Hey, you can’t argue anything until you see it for yourself right?  Up above is the picture of both suits from both films. Which do you prefer, the old or the new?  Will you be watching the new Robocop?