There has been SO much going on over here at The Cynical Owl Headquarters that if we told you exactly what we were working on your head would spin clean off. This is happening, that is happening and more of this and a little more of that. Umm…but what is this and what the hell is that?

The Cynical Owl Site is getting an official Relaunch and Reboot! That is correct you beautiful subscribers and viewers you will all be receiving a brand new website with a refreshing design equipped with cool and amazing features that include: an all New Shorts Section, an Artist Spotlight Section, a Movie Review Vlog, a Submissions Section, Vlog Updates, Exclusive Contests and Prize Giveaways and an Official Podcast.

New Shorts Section – This Section will fulfill all of your short film and webseries needs. Here you will find all of our old and new short films in one spot (no more scrolling through all the blog entries to find your favorite “You Know Them Episode” or that link to “R.A.G.E.” haha.).

The Cynical Spotlight – In this new and exciting section you can find information on new and up coming artists including photos and videos and what they’re working on next. (will you or your favorite artist be featured?)

Movie Reviews– You called and we answered! So we were getting a lot of feedback from you guys saying you’d like a section dedicated to film reviews and… well it’s coming! Here you can read our very on personal opinions on old and newly released film content.

Vlogs– So as promised before, we will be bringing you guys a Cynical Vlog. We know you guys get tired of reading just like we get tired of typing, so as part of the newly revamped site you can expect to see and get to know the staff through our video blog!

The Submissions Section– This is for you guys to submit your work to be featured on the site! How exciting is that?!  its a place for you all to showcase your talents and the staff members are looking forward to your submissions!

EXCLUSIVE Contests and Prize Giveaways – For our dedicated members, this one is for you. (Sorry viewers but have no fear, you too can be eligible for the prize giveaways and contests by subscribing to our blog) The Cynical Owl will be doing contests that result in prizes! Stay tuned for this exciting new feature. But it doesn’t end here.

The Cynical Owl will also be launching an…

Official Podcast! – The Cynical Owl staff members will be launching their first official podcast entitled “The Hoot.” The podcast will contain different phases in which the staff members will have open discussions about themselves, life as it pertains to film, filmmakers and various other film related topics.

There are soooo many more great things to come in the future so please stay tuned and ride with us on the cynical and exciting journey!